Happy Birthday Khenia

It is the 22nd of June and the love of my life is turning three today. Like the somewhat “soccer mom”  I now am, I had to prepare party packs for her to take to school. They turned out amazing (I think). The cup cakes are from Isabella’s, honestly when I ordered them I was expecting to get normal chocolate and vanilla cupcakes that you can buy from any retailer, but I was pleasantly surprised.

All the supplies for the actual party packs are from Jimnettes, it did not even take that long to prepare them. I filled them with the usual party pack stuff like sweets, chocolates etc.

I hope the birthday girl enjoys her day and that it is as special as she is.


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  1. mhhh!!!!…great maybe i should be the big kid at the back-sit of her class so i can get a pack wow !!! lovely

  2. Lovely! It’s like a tea party fit for the queen. The cupcakes look delectable. mmmhh… I think im turning three tomorrow as well. *wink-wink*

    The packaging oozes effortless elegance. I’m curious about what is packed inside those party packs. Little Khenia will love them.

  3. Happy cake day to Princess Khenia bathong may she be blessed with many more happy years!!! Wooow mummy I so love the cupcakes and party packs they are so unique really made for a princess. May the princess enjoy her day to the last minute and mummy please make sure she gets everything she wants today please :)……..

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