Doek on Fleek

The doek has been a part of our African culture and tradition for centuries however its use and meaning varies depending on ones country, culture and religion. In my country it is mainly worn as a sign of respect (usually by married women) and also at funerals.

Lately the doek has become more of a fashion statement, worn by everyone from models on the runway to celebrities and everyday women. Black women are now embracing their African descent by adorning them and incorporating them into their more modern wardrobes. A few months ago, Doeks were thrown into the spotlight when an independent news channel took a story off air because the news reporter filmed it while wearing a doek. Many wore doeks in support of the news reporter and the channel agreed to review it’s policy on dress code.

I think that as blacks we have sacrificed a lot of who we are in order to fit into modern society and in the work environment. Our culture, languages and even our hair is considered unprofessional. We are not accepted for who we are in our own continent and have been forced to conform to western standards. So it is therefore important for us to reclaim, and be proud of, our African heritage(s).






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