Forever Bohemian

The other day ( a few months ago actually, almost a year even) a good friend of mine asked me how come I still dress the way I do, and I was confused for a moment then I realized that she is  referring to my slightly Bohemian style. Just to be clear, I don’t fully dress like a bohemian, in fact my style is a little more modern and minimalist, however I am a bohemian at heart (I have a dreamcatcher above my bed, that’s legit boho)  and sometimes that is reflected in my choice of clothing.

There were days when I wore shorts with laced up boots, but I don’t anymore FRIEND, I have tons of bohemian looking items in my wardrobe but I never wear all of them at once so I  think my style has evolved and is now a little more refined. However this post is about me being bohemian and so the look is more or less how I used to dress up about six years ago.

Being bohemian is not limited to ones style of clothing so I subconsciously gravitate towards bohemian looking items because I generally have an eye/taste for non convention things such as the music I listen to, my choice of beverages and my spiritual and religious beliefs. Anybody who knows me well knows that I have a serious fear of being cliche’.

I also truly believe that my artistic edge stems from my desire for something different, I draw inspiration from the non conventional and so if I was not bohemian then what would I paint?



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