Making spinach juice with the NutriBullet

The only time I use the Nutribullet is to blend tomatoes when cooking, besides that, I never even touch it. I don’t like smoothies and I’m not into health shakes so blending tomatoes is as far as it goes. But for the sake of trying something new, I decided to make spinach juice. I thought it would taste a little like the KAUAI’s “your daily greens” raw juice, but it didn’t. I was not bad, it just wasn’t great either.

I mixed spinach, cucumbers and pomegranate(for a bit of sweetness), although I should have used cranberry juice because its sweeter.  

I used both the fruit and the store bought juice. 

An this was the result, not quite was I was hoping for. 
So I shall stick to my green tea and leave the Nutribullet for the tomatoes. 

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