Keeping Up With The Boeing 777X Production

“The difference between the impossible and the possible is merely a measure of mans determination” Tommy Lasorda.

There’s something about airplanes that really fascinates me, I’m generally obsessed with huge engineering masterpieces but airplanes in particular give me life. Everything about them is amazing, the structure, the engineering and the actual flights. They reinforce my belief in God and his magnificence. If you ever find yourself feeling down, check out Boeing or NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) on YouTube, you will be amazed and inspired by the beauty of the universe and the capabilities of mankind.

Last month (25 October) Boeing started the production of its 777X plane (Launched during the 2013 Dubai airshow). It is the largest and most fuel efficient twin-engine jet in the world powered by a GE9x high-bypass turbofan engine which is 10% more fuel efficient than the GE90. Its lightweight wing design allows the plane to have a longer wing span which improves aerodynamics and also makes it more fuel efficient. The wings have a folding tip making it possible for the plane to use standard airport gates.

The 777X has two variants 777-8 and 777-9


Unfortunately some airlines do not see the need to invest in the fuel efficient jet anymore due to recent lower fuel costs, therefore the demand for the jet has decreased. However Boeing is not deterred by that, they plan on conducting flight tests in 2018 and start delivering the jets to clients in early 2020. Emirates have already ordered 150 jets and will be the first airline to receive the 777x.

Boeing has created a site dedicated to the production of the jet, check it out on




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