Rolls-Royce Jet Engine: Trent 7000

I’ve always thought of Rolls-Royce as a luxury car manufacturer and distributor. Turns out they are more than just that, Rolls-Royce is an engineering company that manufactures power and propulsion systems used in aerospace, marine and energy.

I’m obviously more interested in their jet engines. There are Three major players in the jet engine manufacturing industry and Rolls Royce is one of them (the other two are General Electric and Pratt & Whitney). They claim to deliver the best engines in the world. I’m not sure what exactly they mean by “best” because the GE90 is the most powerful jet engine in the world and its successor, the GE9X (read all about it in my next aviation post) is the largest engine in the world. I would think that General Electric delivers the best engines. Nevertheless, Rolls-Royce engines have a unique 3 spool design (Most manufactures use a 2 spool design) which ultimately reduces weight and increases fuel efficiency.

The Trent 7000 is the seventh member of the Trent family. Even though it is heavier than its predecessor,  Trent 700, it is 10% more fuel efficient and has reduced noise levels. It exclusively powers the Airbus A330NEO (New Engine Option), the latest member of the Airbus fleet. The engine combines architecture from the Trent 1000-TEN (Boeing 787) and technology from the Trent XWB (Airbus A350 XWB).

On the 19th of October 2017, the Trent 7000 powered the Airbus A330NEO on it’s first test flight at the Toulouse-Blagnac Airport in France.


Type: Three shaft turbofan jet engine

Bypass Ratio: 10:1

Overall pressure Ratio: 50:1

Thrust to Weight Ratio: 4.22

Fan: 20 blades, 112 inches in diameter

Images sourced from Rolls-Royce plc Facebook page.


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