JSE Investment Challenge: The best way to learn how to invest in the Johannesburg Stock Exchange

I recently joined the JSE Investment Challenge (completely by chance). I was on the JSE website searching for other information when I came across it and I must say, If you are are interested in starting an investment portfolio, this challenge is for you.

It is basically a virtual investment game that teaching you about investing on the JSE. You get R1 000 000.00 (not real) when you register which you use to invest in shares, warrants and/or ETF’s of your choice. You can register as an individual, school (in teams of not more than four members at a cost of R120.00 per team) or University (Check out the University Information Guide). Because it is a challenge, your performance is measured against other individuals/teams.

It is honestly the best tool for learning about investing. Even though the money is not real, you feel the losses and gains as though it were. It’s been around for a while now but if this is news to you and you’re ¬†interest in learning more, then head to virtualtradinggame.jse.co.za.


Source: virtualtradinggame.jse.co.za.

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