Adult Colouring Books

Colouring books  for adults are the in thing lately, they are virtually in every bookshop. Researchers believe that colouring has therapeutic potential to reduce anxiety and alleviate stress (Almost like meditation).  Despite the fact that I studied Visual Arts in high school, when I first heard of adult colouring books I thought they were ridiculous, however as they started gaining popularity I decided to try it out. Surely the high demand is proof that they work.

So, do they work?

Honestly, I cannot be sure. Maybe my anxiety levels are so high that I do not have the patience to sit and colour in pictures. I understand, theoretically, how they could work but I think it’s hard to turn off my brain and be really involved in the process when all I am doing is colouring in. In fact I found myself so deep in thought that I would have to remind myself that I need to change colours. It could be because I am  used to creating an entire artwork, where I am more focused on the final product and my mind is on getting the painting to depict a specific subject/emotion. That for me is more therapeutic. Colouring is more like adding final touches to someone else’s work so the satisfaction that comes with completing it is not as great. But then again, the whole point is to not think. The only way I can not think about something is to think about something else.

Perhaps, colouring books are exactly what I need and after a few more pages, I will finally get it.

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Like with ones for kids, adult colouring books also come in a variety of themes and designs.

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