Ballantine’s Weekends

My partner has a friend who is basically obsessed with Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky. Thanks to him, not only did I get to taste it but we also (on just one occasion) decided to get that instead of the usual Johnnie Walker Black. We’ve spent a good three weekends or so “trying it out” and I think it’s not bad considering the low price tag.

It’s a popular malt and grain blended whisky distilled and matured in Scotland and aged in oak casks for a minimum of three years. It has vanilla and oak flavours, pretty standard If you ask me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great blend but It’s not exceptional. It’s a safe purchase, one of those whisky’s you keep in the house for when you just feel like consuming alcohol (on a random day/hour for no particular reason).

Seen as I’ve had it on three separate occasions in the past two months, I think I’m going to give it a break for now. I’ll probably buy it again in future, just not anytime soon though.



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  1. I too feel the same about ballantines, it’s not the first pick on the list nor it is a bad pick if you to pick it.

    I suggest you try a bottle of 15y/o BAIN’s single grain whiskey and let me know how you feel about it because I loved it.

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