Cape Maclear, Malawi

The thought of going to Malawi on holiday had never crossed my mind until early last year when someone in my group of friends suggested we visit Lake Malawi. And so in December my good old friends and I packed our bags and headed to the country previously known as Nyasaland. I of course googled the lake before the trip, however, I was still awed by the beauty and vastness of the clear warm waters of Lake Malawi.

Cape Maclear is located in the Mangochi district. It is a popular tourist destination in Malawi and what I found truly fascinating about it was the harmonious living of locals and tourists. It is basically a village situated on the southern shore of lake Malawi with lodges and plenty of tourist attractions. So you’ll find locals doing their laundry by the shore and a tourist sunbathing just a few meters away. There’s something warm and peaceful about the village, even though its very busy at times, you somehow feel right at home.

Our holiday was jam-packed with activities and partying, all at a very reasonable price. My travel buddies were awesome. They are my friends so of course they were awesome, but not all of them though (and yes I’m throwing shade). We stayed at this cool joint that had the best parties in town and a great management team, their food however was a little on the bland side so we had to walk to another lodge down the road for a tastier meal served by friendlier staff.

Overall, it was a great experience. I’m an Africa enthusiast, I take pride in our people, cultures and our continent. Therefore for me, it is always rewarding to really experience Africa, good or bad (there were some lowlights but that’s a story for another day). So in Martin’s words, but Relo’s accent, it was LEGITIMATE.

Photo by @Dalenevs
Photo by @Dalenevs

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  1. Wow! Is one word I would describe the raw and vast beauty that is Africa. Malawi is a perfect example. Some of the pictures feel like Malawi is just in my own backyard, like I have been there before and seen those places. I guess it’s just the pride deeply rooted within that I too am African. I live in a land that is Truly beautiful. It’s awesome that you contribute to the continent’s tourism market.

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