Hennessy V.S

This is literally my first time drinking Hennessy, I have been thinking of trying cognac for a while now and of course Hennessy was the natural choice.

Cognac is a type of brandy produced in France, an eau de vie. It is aged for a minimum of two years, the longer they age the smoother they become (whiskey included). The V.S is the youngest, V.S.O.P has been aged for minimum of four years and the X.O for six years. I like the idea of cognac, I have a slight obsession with all things french and some experts believe that it is superior to whiskey. However I’m not so sure about the taste. Perhaps I’m used to whiskey and still need to adjust my palate but for now, I still prefer whiskey. I have not yet ruled it out though, next time I will buy a limited edition for special occasions, e.g the V.S by JonOne.


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