Meerlust, Chardonnay 2018

I’m not a fan of white wine. I don’t enjoy it as much as I enjoy a red and it gives me a hangover so I do not even buy it anymore. However, late last year I received this bottle as a gift. I did not want to open it because it looks pretty and I loved looking at it but it’s the first day of my birthday month so I thought why not celebrate with something different. Plus it was taking up space on my very small wine rack and I need it for my reds.

This classic chardonnay is from the Meerlust Estate in Stellenbosch. Barrel matured for nine months before bottling, it is fresh and crisp and has that slight clean citrusy sweetness. I think the reason I’m not a fan of white wine is because it generally tends to be a little sweeter than red and my palate is now used to the tannins and spicy richness of the latter.

But do not be deterred by my preferences, it’s still a good bottle of wine. I think it’s worth adding to your collection.

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