Reabetswe “Filah” Ranamane

Meet the beautiful Reabetswe “Filah” (Stage name) Ranamane, law student, singer and aspiring model. She’s originally from Pretoria but spent most of her younger years in the US and Indonesia. She undoubtedly has an artist edge in her personality and her Instagram feed is full proof of that. I love her “Africanness” (not a word), her gorgeous Afro and her dark skin and I like the way she embraces her unique style. So I had to have her on the blog for a Q&A to find out what she’s all about and most importantly what influences her style. Check her out on Instagram @Filah_lah_lah and on Soundcloud @Filah

Q: What is beauty?

A: Beauty is whatever you make it out to be. To me it’s not your social media, it’s not your clothes or cosmetic and especially not what people think of you. I always say that if I had a daughter, I would want to make sure that she is aware of her beauty and that when she does her hair, gets her nails done or applies make-up on her face, she wouldn’t be doing it in the hopes of being more beautiful after the experience. She wouldn’t be enhancing her beauty, she would just be expressing it differently.


Q: Dream holiday destination

A: Anywhere with an ocean, good fruits, good music and a deep sense of culture. I am not picky.


Q: What kind of music do you listen to?

A: My tastes in music are never in one place, all I know is I love discovering new styles of music. I say never say “this is my style and that’s it” I always keep an open ear. I find that music is more enjoyable and influential that way. I can start my Monday off with Jimi Hendrix and end my weekend off with Micheal Jackson and James Blake.

Q: Your favourite book?

A: Definitely any book from the Harry Potter series.

Q: What influences your style?

A: My style has a lot of influences, I would say it ranges from Diana Ross’ Style in the 70’s all the way to the 90’s grungy style, to a simple T and jeans. I like to play around with looks depending on how I feel. My style is an extension on myself, whether simple or eccentric, It’s all me.


Q: Quote you live by?

A: God, I wish I had a philosophical quote that I live by. I kinda just find them along the way. I just live life without a lot of expectations. I respect my path. The only thing I can do is strive to be a good person, for myself and those around me.

Q: Any social causes that you’re passionate about?

A: I’m definitely very passionate about awareness when it comes to women’s place in society, particularly black women. I want all women to be empowered in all ways, socially, economically as well as emotionally. But I am a black woman, before this I was a little black girl so I generally relate more to black issues. I want us to be uplifted, not by bringing others down but by realizing ourselves in ways we haven’t (or even weren’t allowed to) before.


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  1. With great ethnic beauty I guess comes great responsibility. I love the untainted rawness, the pure earthy, almost palpable vivid black realness.

  2. Filah, I’ve made it apparent to you countless times how proud I am of you and to know you. You inspire me in ways I never imagined. This article is testament to how influential you are going to be. Do not stop and do not ever look back… Proud

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