Swakopmund, Namibia

Somewhere along the coast of Namibia lies Swakopmund, a quiet desert town established by German colonists in the 1800s. This is where I found myself at the start of 2020. I had initially planned on visiting Rwanda, however, I had a hard time finding an affordable hotel in Kigali that met my requirements and so I had to come up with a plan B.

There are simply no words to describe the beauty of Swakopmund. It is a melting pot of different elements. You have this small town with its German architecture in a desert by the coast immersed in African culture. The streets are so quiet you almost feel the need to whisper. I remember walking around town thinking “Where is everybody”, then we turned the corner and came across the Ovahimba.

Even though it’s small, there is quite a lot to do there. We visited the Swakopmund museum (definitely worth a visit), took a walk on the jetty and of course explored the desert. The dunes were a sight to see. It was like looking at a perfectly edited photo. We went sand surfing which was amazing except for the walk back up the dune. That was almost an impossible task. My feet kept sinking into the sand and I kept sliding downhill as I walked. By the time I got to the top, I just couldn’t breathe (I clearly need to exercise more often).

The weather, on the other hand, caught me off guard. I ignorantly assumed it would be sunny because it is a desert after all and so I packed for summer. But the cold breeze from the Atlantic ocean was relentless. We could not even relax by the beach, let alone get in the water.

We stayed at the beautiful Bae view resort in Dolphine beach, about 10 minutes out of town. It has friendly staff, good food and offers an overall relaxing environment. So if we were not out and about, we were enjoying the hotel facilities.

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